When You’re Trying to Crawl

She crawls toward me; seven months of baby perfection.  She’s clumsy, slow, but I don’t mind.

I watch in amazement as she’s growing, changing, and it’s right in front of me.

I hope what she sees as she comes toward me is a joyful mama’s face, always welcoming, always hopeful, full of grace.  Grace to grow, grace to change.  You see, I’m trying to crawl too; trying to get these knees moving.

My daughter has it right.  She looks toward Mama, motivated by love, hers and mine.  She trusts me.  How often my eyes stray from the Father, I get distracted, frustrated, tired.  I don’t trust his intentions toward me; I don’t rest in his love.

If only I would set my gaze on his ever-glowing countenance; the face of a joyful Father cheering me on.  He doesn’t mind when I get clumsy, doesn’t mind when I’m slow.  He just bids me, come.

“Let us [crawl]…fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”

4 thoughts on “When You’re Trying to Crawl

  1. Beautiful! I am a childhood friend of Karen, your mother-in-law. I am so glad to know about your blog and I will look forward to keeping up with you and your adventures and keeping you in my prayers. My daughter too is moving overseas to work in the mission field…Cambodia. God bless!

    • Hi Cindy! Thanks for checking out my blog. How encouraging it is to hear about your daughter embracing the missionary life too; we all certainly have a journey ahead of us! I’m thankful that there’s grace for us all, including family back home!

  2. now, if that isn’t the cutest little face ever!! what a great picture – you must have a new camera! Ha! I continue to smile when reading your blogs – except when I cry because you’ve touched those “places” in my heart. Yes, keeping our gaze on him holds the keys. love ya,

    • Pretty much the cutest face I’ve ever seen! Or at least tied for first with her big sis.

      I often smile {and cry} too as I’m writing. Can’t help it, Jesus makes me do it 🙂 Love you

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