Searching for Eden

I am struck by how many people, when I describe the conditions in which we’ll be living in, respond, without sarcasm, “That sounds great.”  One friend even said, “That’s like, my dream house.”  Solar power, screens which will act as air conditioning, living off the land.

It’s interesting to me, this movement, the longing for simplicity.  I marvel at people who build 12 foot-square houses and live by firelight.  Returning to the natural, organic, living off the Earth and what she offers, tossing the TV; this returning to Eden.

We are an over-medicated, over-stimulated, too-many-choices-given generation.  And we’re not happy.  In fact, some might say that everything’s amazing, and nobody’s happy.

I think technology is a gift, truly.  You wouldn’t be here, reader, if it weren’t for technology. I love the fact that I’ll still “see” family and friends when living in the jungle.  These days you can click a button and get answers to just about anything.  It’s amazing.  But, there are still longings that go unanswered, leaving holes.  These God-shaped voids.  We try, we strain to fill them with things that simply cannot fit.

I think those crazy people living in the woods in their tiny house may be on to something, ridding their lives of unneeded distractions;  redefining the word “need.”  They’re trying to find Eden again, the paradise that God intended for us.

You see, Adam and Eve made a mess of God’s pure and perfect intentions for them.  They wanted more, unsatisfied in what He had to give, taking fruit which wasn’t theirs to have, but only God’s to give.  And here and now we find ourselves in the same situation, constantly wanting more.  We wait for the next latest and greatest thing to come out and we think, perhaps subconsciously, this surely will be the thing that keeps me happy.  And it doesn’t.  And it can’t; it isn’t meant to.  So we find a generation with more choices and possibilities than ever before and yet sadness still lingers.

Again, more and more I am seeing this movement of people wanting to rid their lives of unnecessary things.  I don’t think tossing your TV makes you holy; but I think the purifying pursuit of something deeper is freeing.  I have seen this freedom as we’ve said goodbye to furniture and cars.  And soon enough, whether we’re ready or not, the TV will go, along with air conditioning and regular electricity.  I am anxious to discover the secret Paul writes of.  Can I really do it?  In Christ alone.

So we wait for Eden’s restoration and in the meantime we keep searching for Him who fills all voids.

4 thoughts on “Searching for Eden

  1. Thank you for these words Erin. I’m reminded of Lewis’ words: “If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” Yet I find that joy and fulfillment is something that ironically eludes me most when that is my goal. It is when we chase God that we find our desires mysteriously and deeply satisfied.

    • Lewis had it right for sure. I’m the child who burst into tears after reading Narnia because I just ached to go there. In fact, I still cry when I think about it 🙂

      “I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now…Come further up, come further in!”

      And yes, we must keep chasing God, the Possessor of all we need!

  2. Ah, I remember returning to my deserted city just a few days after Hurricane Rita stormed through and knocked out the electricity for 10 days. Though it was hot Texas weather, I really enjoyed the simplicity. Cooking outside and hanging clothes out to dry in the yard. I thought, “Ooh, look at those pretty flowers.” I appreciated having time off from an really busy school schedule – to really see things and breathe.

    Hm…I want to go to Eden. Preferably not with another hurricane, haha. But I guess there really is a rainbow after the storm : )

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