When You’re Tired, Give Thanks

I find myself being tired these days. I have two children under two. One of whom does not sleep through the night. Nuff. Said. On top of that I’m a wife, friend, student, fund-raiser, laundress, cook, bill-payer, organizer, CD making song-writer, housekeeper, worship leader… Oh, and a Christian. Yes, a follower of Jesus. My first love.. right? How do I “find time” for God in the busyness of this season?

Want to know what is keeping me going right now? Thankfulness. Yes, just good, old-fashioned, throwing up a, “Thank you, Lord” throughout my day. Of course this idea didn’t start with me. It began with a woman who created a list that never ends. She inspired me to do the same. And now I write, some days more than others, finding joy and purpose in the smallest of things. And I am reminded that my soul needs cheerfulness to survive, to be healthy.

And so I’m tired, but grateful. And why am I tired? Because life is messy. And beautiful.

So I keep a blue book. In between the bananas and the toaster, pencil ready. And the book stares at me, keeping me accountable to this commitment to gratefulness. Smiling at me when the car won’t start and when both kids are crying and when frustration creeps into this vulnerable heart.

Today I turn to Psalm 100 because there’s praise, and then there’s grateful praise.


2 thoughts on “When You’re Tired, Give Thanks

  1. Love it, Erin! My gratitude book (thank you, Ann Voskamp!) is filling up with praises…One of the best things my counseling professor has taught us recently is getting people to the point of thankfulness instead of dwelling in the past. Gratitude is infectious!

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