Glory Baby

I’m taking a few moments away from the packing and moving craziness to remember this time two years ago.  It was early fall two years ago that Kevin and I lost our first little baby, whom we affectionately call our “glory baby” (stolen from Watermark’s song “Glory Baby”).  It was a crazy whirlwind of emotions to find out I was pregnant only to miscarry a few days later.  That event, though sorrowful, put us on a beautiful journey with God.  Though our loss may seem insignificant in comparison to the grief that others, including close friends, have had to deal with, it was a moment in my life where the pain was enough that I really had to choose God at the end of the day.  “God, I’m with you no matter what.”  There are only a handful of those moments in my life thus far, and I am grateful for the opportunity to choose Him, to not waste my pain, and to let him tenderly lead me.  He was, and still is, writing a beautiful story of redemption.  I think back over the last 2 years and I’m amazed at all the things that God has done through that loss.  I think of all the people that have been encouraged by our story.  I look at Josey and am humbled at her wonderous existence.  She is such a gift and although she makes the loss of our first baby slightly more real, I cannot imagine my world without her.  She is my longing fulfilled, my tree of life. 

What a joyful reward that awaits us in Heaven!  Our glory baby who fellowships with angels waits in eager anticipation of our homecoming.  She is held tightly in the arms of her Creator, her Father, and she is more loved than we could possibly imagine.  Truly death has lost its sting!  Oh death, be not proud…

Today I think of the words of Horton, “..a person’s a person no matter how small.”  We love you, little one.


To read our story:!/note.php?note_id=173103462288

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